New Agriculture Company Addresses the Health of People and the Planet
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Evolving Definition of Health

Consumers today have a powerful influence on the food system, from production, processing and distribution, all the way to retail shelves. This relates to not only the nutritional content of the foods they eat, but also where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Consider the following:

  • Health: Three-quarters of Americans pay attention to the nutritional content of the foods they eat.1
  • Clean Label: Nearly half of consumers pay attention to the number of ingredients in a product and six in 10 would like to recognize the ingredients used. What’s more, 69% would choose a product without artificial ingredients over one containing them.2
  • Sustainability: Fifty-nine percent of consumers state it is important that the food they purchase or consume is produced in a sustainable way.2
  • Traceability and Transparency: Five in 10 consumers agree that knowing where food comes from is an important factor when purchasing food. Additionally, nearly half want to understand how food is produced and have access to information about this.2

It’s no surprise that health and wellness now expands beyond the nutritional aspects of food to also include food production methods. As dietitians, you have likely experienced this firsthand, as questions about food now include details about how our food is grown, processed, transported or sold.

Meeting Consumer Needs

Realizing this shift in the definition of health, Corteva Agriscience, a new agriculture company, is helping enable farmers to meet consumer needs. In fact, the organization’s purpose is to “enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come.” One example of how the company is doing this is through the development of high stability (oleic) oils. These innovative oils deliver the improved nutrition consumers demand while also addressing key questions along the food system:

  • Health: High stability oils have healthy fat profiles (high in monounsaturated fats, low in saturated fats, zero trans fat). In fact, high oleic oils can now carry a qualified heart health claim on their labels.
  • Clean: These oils are naturally stable, which allows packaged foods to stay fresh without additives or artificial preservatives.
  • Sustainability: Corteva Agriscience’s innovation creates oil seeds that deliver both strong agronomics and yield to farmers and quality food and sustainable nutrition to consumers. Additionally, high oleic oils have a longer fry life, which, for foodservice operations, means reducing food waste and the number of oil jugs that have to be packaged and disposed of.
  • Traceable and Transparent: Corteva Agriscience’s high oleic seeds are grown under an “identity preserved” (IP) program. This enables the oils to be followed from the region where farmers grow the seeds to the facilities where harvested seeds become oil – increasing the level of transparency for consumers.

Visit Corteva Agriscience at IFT

IFT 2019 (Institute of Food Technologist’s Conference and Expo) marks the debut of Corteva Agriscience. The Corteva Agriscience and High Stability Oils teams will be at IFT in New Orleans, from June 2 to June 5, networking with industry colleagues, attending sessions and learning about the latest trends in the food industry, including fats and oils. Stop by Booth 1943 to learn more about how the teams are working to promote healthier people and a healthier planet.



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