Good Fats and Weight Management

Fat is no longer viewed as a nutrition villain among health experts and while consumers also are catching on to the health benefits of including good fats in their diet, some still see fat as the enemy when it comes to weight management. However, new research is demonstrating that healthy fats are not a hindrance to weight control – and can even be beneficial!

It is well known foods containing healthy fats, such as avocados, canola oil and nuts, take longer to digest, curbing hunger and appetite and helping reduce overall calorie intake. A systematic research review demonstrates a high-fat diet does not necessarily equal high body fat: a Mediterranean-style diet high in good fats produced greater weight loss than a low-fat diet after one year and beyond. Another randomized control trial found a Mediterranean diet including healthy fats is not likely to cause weight gain.

Additionally, emerging research has tied monounsaturated fat to reduced levels of abdominal fat, a type of body fat that can be particularly harmful to health. A study in the Nutrition Journal showed that subjects who consumed tree nuts had lower BMIs, smaller waist circumferences and even less insulin resistance than people who did not consumer nuts. Another study found canola and high-oleic canola oils can reduce abdominal fat when used in place of bad fats.

Research on the role of healthy fats in weight management continues to emerge – sign up for updates from your Good Fats 101 team to stay current on the latest research findings on this topic!

Finally, it is important to remind your clients and colleagues that when it comes to weight management, portion control is important, even with good fats. Learn more about healthy portions of health fats on the Good Fats blog.